Dec 2020

Holiday Greetings! – December 2020


Week of Dec 15, 2020 


Holiday Greetings! – December 2020
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Holiday Greetings and Best Wishes
from the Crew at
Classic Motorcycle Consignments!
We have been very busy here and, sadly, the newsletter has not been a priority. Sales are high and incoming inventory remains strong. We hope  to finish the year strong with some Christmas Specials and a newly posted 1946 Harley Davidson EL original paint, original motorcycle… the Holy Grail! So take a look at these beauties and spread the word!
◆ And don’t forget these Great Motorcycle Books. They may not arrive by Christmas, but you can always put a note in the stockings!
Great Reads at CMC
Thanks for subscribing to our newsletter and giving it a read.  Contact us direct if you want to discuss any of these bikes or if you have bikes that you may want to sell.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!
Be Well, Stay Well!
Tim Graber
Classic Motorcycle Consignments

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